A probably incomplete list of compositions and musical performances, in chronological order

Of Dinosaurs and Other Creatures []

2023, Ambisonics 4st order, for synthesizers, Weathered Piano and Disklavier

The Well Modulated Dinosaur []

2023, Ambisonics 4st order, for the PingNoise modular synthesizer & friends

The Love Songs of Flying Dinosaurs []

2022, Ambisonics 4st order rendered into binaural stereo

Dinosaur He[a]rd! []

2021, Ambisonics 3rd order rendered into binaural stereo, for Applesauce Modular synthesizer


2020, Ambisonics 3rd order rendered into binaural stereo, creative collaboration with Michiko Theurer


2020, Ambisonics (5th/2nd order), creative collaboration with Michiko Theurer

Pia[NOT] Etude

2018, Ambisonics (5th/2nd order)

Rail Reminiscences: The Miao-li Tunnel

2018, Ambisonics (5th/2nd order), in collaboration with Ching-Wen Chao
Yung-Chih Hsueh, percussion

The Miraculous Multiplication of Strings []

2017, Ambisonics (5th/2nd order), Séverine Ballon, cello

Y Sonó Como Arpa Vieja

2017, Ambisonics (5th/2nd order)

Harbor Mayhem for Seven Horns and one Backhoe

2016, Sound Symposium, Harbor Symphony

Trio Esqueleto

2016, Chris Chafe, celletto, John Granzow, daxophone, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, live electronics, Ambisonics (3rd order)

Un Esqueleto en la Cocina

2015, for celletto (Chris Chafe) and electronics, Ambisonics (3rd order)

The Hidden and Mysterious Machinery of Sound

2015, Ambisonics (3rd order)

Modulate me, please?

2014, 16 channel, two TX816 (16 x DX7), live performance

Space, S[acred|ecular]

2015, Ambisonics (3rd order)

Vox Voxel

2013, Ambisonics (3rd order), 3D printer and realtime processing, live performance

Toast and Jam

2013, Ambisonics (3rd order), Ensemble AnaLocos, live performance

Divertimento de Cocina

2013, Ambisonics (3rd order), live performance

Velvet Skin, Heart of Steel

2013, 24 channels or Ambisonics

Fugue 1 (Fanfare)

co-composed with Chris Chafe for the Bing Concert Hall Opening Night concert

2013, 14 channels

Jurassic Modulations

composed and performed together with Kurt Werner

2012, 16 channels, live improvisation

Earth Songs

2011, Ambisonics (3rd order), live performance

Dinosaur Skin (Piel de Dinosaurio)

2010, 16-24 channels, live performance

A Very Fractal Cat, Somewhat T[h]rilled

2008-2010, Ambisonics (3rd order)

65 Second Bycicle

2009, stereo

The Dinosaur at War

2008-2010, 8 channel telematic performance

Exit Variations

2008, stereo

El Dinosaurio Habla

2007, 8 channel

Kitchen <-> Miniature(s)

2005-2006, 24 channels 3D playback

Instant Knoll

2005, video and stereo sound



House of Mirrors

1996-1997, for midi controlled instruments, soundfile playback and PadMaster (controlled by a Radio Drum).

With Room to Grow

1996, for midi controlled instruments and PadMaster (controlled by a Radio Drum).

Knock knock... anybody there?

1994, for quadraphonic tape.

Three Dreams
  • Paper Castles
  • Invisible Clouds
  • Electric Eyes

1993, for quadraphonic tape.

Espresso Machine II

1993-1995, for electronic cello (Chris Chafe playing his celleto), midi controlled synthesizers and PadMaster (controlled by a Radio Drum).

Hot'n Cold

1991, for stereo tape.


1986, for stereo tape.

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