With Room to Grow

1996, for midi controlled instruments and PadMaster (controlled by a Radio Drum).

Program Notes

"in a room - with room to grow - the fabric of space is floating veils, curtains and webs... alabaster light and tides of time play with them. Grandma is sitting in a rocking chair... she looks at me, smiles, and keeps knitting an infinite tapestry of gifts"

"With room to grow" is a solo piece for PadMaster (a real-time improvisation software package written by the composer), Radio Drum and MIDI synthesizers. PadMaster uses the Mathews/Boie Radio Drum as a three-dimensional MIDI controller. The function of the batons and the behavior of the surface of the drum are controlled through PadMaster and create a set of sonic soundscapes through which the performer chooses a path.


  • Alea II Concert, Campbell Recital Hall, Stanford, May 1st 1996

    This piece was only performed once, it quickly grew (as the title implies) and became House of Mirrors

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