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Planet CCRMA at home

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano

Updated for Fedora 30

Last updated on June 17, 2019, see the change log for details.

Planet CCRMA at Home (CCRMA is pronounced ``karma'') is a collection of free, open source rpm packages (RPM stands for RPM Package Manager) that you can add to a computer running Fedora 28, 29 or 30 to transform it into an audio workstation with a low-latency kernel, current audio drivers and a nice set of music, midi and audio applications (what if you are not using Fedora?). It replicates most of the Linux environment we have been using for years here at CCRMA for our daily work in audio and computer music production and research. Planet CCRMA is easy to install and maintain, it can be installed and upgraded over the network from the Planet CCRMA repositories or its mirrors.

Subscribe to the Planet CCRMA News mailing list to receive timely notices of updated or new packages. And/or subscribe to the main Planet CCRMA mailing list to ask questions about the package collection. Or visit the archives for the planetccrma and planetccrmanews lists.

The GPG key used to sign packages

Fedora 30 Repositories:

Fedora 29 Repositories:

Fedora 28 Repositories:

Main site:

CCRMA, California, USA:


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