Toast and Jam

2013, 6 Noise Toasters and El Dinosaurio, Ambisonics
[►] video with binaural audio

Program Notes

Six Noise Toasters, each with 10 knobs to twist, 9 switches to throw (well, 10 if you count the on/off switch) and a button to push. Six humans moving all those controls in unexpected yet related ways. A bit of reverberation to spice things up. A computer (we have to have a computer, right?) that places those sounds inside an artificial soundscape in Bing. The result: a chaotically complex sound, noise and modulation world. The Ensemble AnaLocos (contraction of Analógicos Locos, roughly "Crazy Analogs") tries to keep them [under|out] of control in this directed improvisation. The old guy that seems to be out of place (the synthesizer of course) is El Dinosaurio, another analog synth built more than 30 years ago and still young at heart, sonically speaking. El Dinosaurio is maybe the inspiration that lead to 5 students (Romain, Tim, Myles, Gina & Kurt - in no particular order) synchronizing their "Independent Study" courses with Nando, finding this hardware project on their own, building them, and finally jamming together for a better world, or maybe just a noisier one (in a good way). A happy outcome.

Ensemble AnaLocos is:

  • Myles Borins
  • Gina Collecchia
  • Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
  • Romain Michon
  • Tim O'Brien
  • Kurt James Werner


(pictures thanks to Ge Wang)

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