Ge Wang | 王戈
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Associate Professor
CCRMA | Department of Music
(also of Computer Science, by Courtesy)
Stanford University

a comic book!
Artful Design: Technology in Search of the Sublime
(a MusiComic Manifesto)
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guggenheim fellowship

teaching (see list of all courses)
mus256a/cs476a: art of design (fall 2022)
mus220b: compositional algorithms (winter 2023)
music356/cs470: music and AI (winter 2023)
mus128/cs170: stanford laptop orchestra (spring 2023)
dsn100: artful design (stanford csp; spring 2022)
think66: design that understands us (winter 2022)

interaction design + artful product design
Smule Co-founder + Chief Creative (until 2013)

office: Knoll 212
email: ge /at/
online: @gewang | linkedin | instagram
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