3-Books (2012) | Mobile Music Apps
Ge Wang

"Hey! I'm Ge Wang, assistant professor of music at Stanford University. I also co-founded a startup called Smule. For 3 Books I was invited to pick favorite Smule mobile music applications and share them with you. You can learn about them here. And when you get to Stanford in September you'll get access to the applications themselves. Have a great summer; see you in September." - Ge!


(part 1): the apps

icon for the Smule MadPad app
icon for the Smule Ocarina app
icon for the Smule I Am T-Pain app
(part 2): bio

many people playing musical instruments in the streets
photo of Ge holding food with a pair of chopsticks; he loves to eat.

(part 3): where to next?

a mosaic of many faces; these participants from around the world sang together through their mobile phones

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