Music 220b | Winter 2024
Compositional Algorithms, Psychoacoustics, and Computational Music
Stanford University
Ge Wang and Tatiana Catanzaro (TA)

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class: MW 3:30-5:20pm
location: CCRMA classroom (the Knoll)
prerequisite: music 220a

course summary:

This is the second course in the 220 series. It investigates computer mediated composition, advanced sound synthesis techniques, as well as the aesthetics of computer mediated music, and as these can be informed by human perception. The course uses the ChucK programming language for assignments and projects. The format consists of in class discussions and lectures, individual and group assignments, studio peer critiques, and a final project.

synthesis / analysis topics:
  • subtractive synthesis, filters
  • timbre, sculpting, perception
  • modulation / AM / FM synthesis / waveshaping
  • granular synthesis / FOF's / phism
  • FFT / audio analysis / UAna in ChucK / resynthesis / event detection
  • formant-based synthesis
  • synthesizing auditory illusions
  • learning to program these in ChucK and to use them in creative contexts
computer music + compositional algorithms topics:
  • tools and techniques for creating computational music
  • approaches for computer-mediated composition
  • aesthetics of computer-mediated composition and performance
  • computer music programming strategies

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