Quest (Búsqueda)

1986, for stereo tape.

Program Notes

This piece was composed around 1985 in my Buenos Aires home studio and remixed latter at LIPM (Music Research and Production Laboratory, Buenos Aires, Argentina). All the sounds in this piece were generated using a CZ101 digital synthesizer, one of the first affordable (ie: cheap) digital synthesizers. A Commodore 64 computer with a home brew MIDI interface running the Dr T sequencer package controlled the whole show. The piece was originally recorded by bouncing tracks between my two open reel recorders. During the most dense passages of the piece there are up to 12 virtual CZ101s panned across the stereo field.

The first part of the piece is a quest for something unknown. Tension slowly builds up until what is searched for is found. As usual, the end of the quest finds something that is very simple in comparison with the complexity of the search itself, and this new material is developed in the second part of the piece. The natural rhythms of beating sine wave play for a while until the memory of the quest returns and takes command of the discourse while the searcher and the searched-for object become one and end together.


  • Electroacústica: desde La Plata y Buenos Aires, Museo Nacional de Colombia, Sala Teresa Cuervo Borda, Bogotá, Colombia, March 18th, 2016 (program, pdf).
  • CCRMA Winter Concert, The Stage, February 17th 2011.
  • CCRMA Computer Music Concert, Campbell Recital Hall, Stanford, March 11th 1997.
  • Electroacoustic Music from LIPM, CCRMA, Stanford, March 11th 1991.
  • Music from LIPM concert, Center for Music Experiment, USCD, February 24th 1991.
  • Electroacoustic Music Week, LIPM, Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 3rd 1990.
  • Electroacoustic Music Week, LIPM, Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 16th 1986.


  • 17th International Electroacoustic Music Competition, 1990, Bourges, France

    Winner of a Mention in the Quadrivium.


Quest is part of the "Perspectivas I" CD released by the Tarka Record Company in Argentina

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