Three Dreams

  • Paper Castles
  • Invisible Clouds
  • Electric Eyes

1993, for quadraphonic tape.

Program Notes

This piece is about impossible dreams. Many times and without learning from experience we build beautiful Paper Castles on Invisible Clouds, thinking yet again that dreams are reality, or maybe that they can be turned into reality with sheer will power and the wave of a magical wand. These first two sections are like twin brothers, intermingled yet separate. As for the third and last section, Electric Eyes, if you have ever felt the startling contact of electric eyes, there is no need for me to explain. If you have not, mere words will never be enough... That's my dream and the cause of a lot of Paper Castle building...

The piece was composed in the digital domain using the CLM non real time sound synthesis and processing environment running on a NeXT and the four channel spacialization was performed by a special unit generator programmed by the composer. The processed sound materials are sampled tubular bells, cowbells, cymbals, gongs, knives and screams and the synthetic sounds are rendered through quite simple additive synthesis instruments.


  • Puerto Rico Music Conservatory, San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 1st 1998
  • Festival Latinoamericano de Musica, Caracas, Venezuela, November 17th 1995
  • CCRMA Computer Music, Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford, April 15th 1995
  • I SBC&M, 1st Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music, Caxambu, Brazil, August 3rd 1994
  • CCES, Center for Cultural and Ethnic Studies, Chamberlain Hall, National University, San Diego, April 15th 1994
  • Centro Recoleta Auditorium, Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 20th, 1993
  • ICMC '93 (International Computer Music Conference), Tokyo, Japan, September 10th 1993
  • CCRMA Summer Concert, Frost Amphitheater, Stanford, July 22nd 1993 (premiere)


Computer Music @ CCRMA, Volume 1

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