Fugue 1 (Fanfare)


Co-composed with Chris Chafe (CCRMA's Director), this three minute piece opened the first official concert at the brand new Bing Concert Hall (see program here). We used a scaled down speaker array (from our 24.6 system) to diffuse this 14 channel piece.

Chris Chafe wrote about Fugue 1 (Fanfare):

Our opening music heralds the variety of music to come in this concert hall: a mix of fresh music from freshmen to PhD's composed during Fall term and representing Mexico, France, China, and the USA which are melded with acoustic and computer-based compositions by faculty and visiting artists. Also in the mix are live sounds of White Plaza at Big Game time, "vibration tests" from banging on Bing Hall itself before and after completion, and Morse Code renditions of Peter Bing's Family name played by Canada's largest ice breaker, St. Johns Harbour, Newfoundland.


  • Chris Chafe
  • Fernando Lopez-Lezcano

with clips from:
(student composers)

  • Pablo Castellanos
  • Kevin Crain
  • Romain Michon
  • Kitty Shi
  • Emily Graber
  • Nadia Stoufflet

(visiting faculty)

  • Roberto Morales

(field recording)

  • Delf Hohmann

Article in the San Francisco Chronicle: Diverse show opens Stanford's Bing Hall


This is a stereo mixdown of the original 14 channel 3 minute piece. It is available in several formats: wav file (34.5Mbytes), flac file (11.9Mbytes) and ogg file (4.6Mbytes).


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