Rail Reminiscences: The Miao-li Tunnel

2018, 5th order Ambisonics

in collaboration with Ching Wen-Chao
Yung-Chih Hsueh, percussion

Program Notes

The Concert of Machines, part of the 2018 NTCH Innovation Series of Concerts, which took place in Taiwan’s National Theater in Taipei a few weeks ago was the culmination of a project that started with our teams converging at the over-100-year-old Gong-Wei-Hsu Train Tunnel (Miaoli, Taiwan) in January and measuring and recording its impulse responses.

This short remix of Rail Reminiscenses brings together elements of the last piece in our 3D full surround concerts in NTCH. Recordings of various percussion instruments in the Miao-li tunnel, voices, water drops, and even a sonic memory of Vox Voxel (a piece for 3D printer and live electronics which we played in the NTCH concerts) are welded together in a tapestry of sound colors that is firmly entrenched in the depths of the old railway tunnel.

Many thanks to Ching-Wen Chao, Jocelyn Chang and many others in the very professional technical and artistic teams that made our stay in NTCH a fruitful one.