Jurassic Modulations


Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Kurt Werner
live structured improvisation, 16 channels

From the concert program notes:

Jurassic Modulations is a loosely structured conversation / improvisation via "El Dinosaurio", Fernando Lopez-Lezcano's patchcord programmable analog synth, and Kurt Werner's digital sample-feedback FM synthesizer. The two instruments are controlled, spatialized, looped, processed, and cross-modulated in real time.

Kurt was running a ChucK-based digital sample-feedback FM synthesizer, feeding three channels into my setup. I was processing the output of El Dinosaurio through SooperLooper (with 8 loops) and two instances of the Freqtweak spectral processor (4 channels on each instance). Everything was routed into Ardour which acted as a mixer and effects processor - that is where all incoming channels were mixed, reverberated, controlled and finally routed to all 16 speakers in the CCRMA Stage. All controlled through one BCR2000 (Kurt) and one PCR500 keyboard controller plus another BCR2000 on my side (on a laptop running Fedora 14 plus Planet CCRMA). Sonic mayhem resulted.


Stereo reduction of the performance recorded in the Stage during the CCRMA Winter Concert 2012: FLAC.


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