Dinosaur Skin

2010, 16-24 channels

"Dinosaur Skin" (“Piel de Dinosaurio”) is my latest piece for analog synthesizer and computer processing. The analog synthesizer is “El Dinosaurio”, a custom patchcord programmable analog synth designed and built from scratch in 1980/1981, and revived from a very long deep freeze in 2007 (see also The Dinosaur at War and El Dinosaurio Habla). The lone voice of El Dinosaurio is piped through Sooperlooper, an open source multiple loop looper with 16 loops active. The outputs of SooperLooper are then sent to a custom SuperCollider program that processes and spatializes (in 3D) each individual loop around the audience. Its first performance was a two hour live set performed in the Stage through 16 speakers in the context of 2010's Cagean Music Circus

(photo by David Kerr, Cagian Music Circus 2010).

Program Notes

El Dinosaurio was finished in 1981. It is an analog patch cord programmable modular synthesizer. Its single, lonely voice becomes the mad spatialized chorus of a dinosaur herd when piped through a computer with custom software and multiple speakers.


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