Divertimento de Cocina

2013-2014, soundfield

Program Notes

A LaunchPad controller, a computer and a custom set of SuperCollider classes control the music synthesis processes that use and transform raw kitchen utensil samples recorded a long time ago. The extremely simple rhythms at the beginning of the piece become progressively more complicated as they are layered together in increasingly thicker textures. While the performer walks through different soundscapes, rhythms form the backbone and guide for the rest of the piece. The array of buttons in the Launchpad controller manipulate multiple "virtual performers" which can be queued, started, paused or stopped asynchronously. The piece meanders through eight layers of materials arranged in 'scenes' through this very simple interface. The control program also dynamically spatializes all sounds under the control of the performer and the 3D soundscape can be diffused through an arbitrary number of speakers (the original soundstream is internally generated in Ambisonics, with at least 3rd order full periphonic resolution).


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