Of Dinosaurs and Other Creatures

for synthesizers, Weathered Piano and Disklavier grand piano
2023, 4th order Ambisonics
[►] video with binaural audio

Program Notes

June 1st 2023

Three Dinosaurs will be part of tonight's singing herd. The thundering Applesauce Modular Mark V (unknowingly kickstarted by Mark Applebaum / Joan Friedman and the beginning of the pandemic), the much smaller but quite intricate PingNoise Modular (housed in a custom case that used to be my dad's attaché), and the tiny and almost invisible Kastle 1.5.

On top of this cornucopia of electronic sound I am also layering the warm metallic mutterings of the Weathered Piano, last seen on stage in 2019. Beautifully detuned by rain and sunshine, its sonic qualities have been frozen and preserved, and now it sings again for you. Of course it also resonates through the throats of two of the dinosaurs, who routinely eat pianos as apettizers.

The last addition to this sonic zoo is a very exotic instrument, a Disklavier grand piano that happened to walk by the Stage and was captured by the dinosaur herd. Its keys are invisibly pressed by algorithms written in the arcane language of the Droid (which lives in its own tiny eurorack enclosure). Custom software, custom controllers, but regretfully very much in tune. We'll see if it fits in...


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