El Dinosaurio Habla

2007, 8 channels

“El Dinosaurio Habla” is a piece for analog synthesizer and computer processing. The analog synthesizer is “El Dinosaurio”, an custom patchcord programmable analog synth designed and built from scratch in 1980/1981. The synth has been recently renovated to working order after 20 years of silence. A new module has been added that enables it to be controlled by MIDI from external keyboards and computers. The piece revolves around the SooperLooper open source program, a multiple looper inspired in the Lexicon family of hardware loopers. A total of 16 stereo loops are gradually filled with materials originated in real time in the synthesizer and textures are created, changed and destroyed as the piece evolves. The loops are rendered through 8 channel sound that surrounds the audience.


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