for violin "effects" and modular synthesizer
Michiko Theurer, violin
2020, 3rd order Ambisonics rendered to binaural stereo
(► video with binaural audio)

Program Notes

Is this music about the soaring perspectives that wings could give us?. About the discovery of new worlds that open up when we can fly? Is it about the tricky business of finding strong enough thermals that would help us soar into earth orbit? ... Or is this about just winging it?

This text was written a couple of days before a concert that was canceled at the onset of the COVID19 pandemic. We were going to "wing it". A lot has happened since then. Transcontinental rehearsals. Improvisational maps that have ranged from temperature charts for cicada rhythms to flights through cities of cards that topple, melt, freeze and are reborn, to multiplicities of mirrors and their infinite reflections as they move around the sound trajectories. Many directions, many sounds, many spaces.

We are still winging it, each and every time we play... Come fly with us.


  • CCRMA @ HOME, The Network, Stanford, September 4th 2020 (violin effects and other noises)

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