Hot'n Cold

1991, for stereo tape.

Program Notes

This piece was composed on a NeXT computer using two software packages developed at CCRMA and custom lisp functions. Most of the structure was defined in Common Music, a composition language written by Rick Taube, and all the sounds were synthesized using Common Lisp Music, a sound synthesis and processing package written by Bil Schottstaedt.

The title alludes to the sometimes contradictory structures of sound that mutate during the course of the composition. This piece tries to talk about change and permanence, opposites but always part of our life.

The piece was composed at CCRMA during the last months of my stay there as part of an exchange program between CCRMA (Stanford), LIPM (Buenos Aires) and CRCA (San Diego) laboratories, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.


  • Pump up the Bings - CCRMA in The Bing Studio, April 20th 2018, Bing Studio, Stanford (acousmatique diffusion over a 24.8 3d system)
  • Jornadas de Informática y Electrónica Musical, Madrid, Spain, July 3 1997
  • Segundas Jornadas Santafesinas de Música Electroacústica, Santa Fé, Argentina, September 4th 1995
  • Music from LIPM, Center for Music Experiment, UCSD, March 31st, 1991
  • CCRMA Computer Music Concert, Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Stanford, Mar 14th 1992 (premiere)

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