The Dinosaur at War



  • Winter Concert, CCRMA, February 2nd, 2010

    “The Dinosaur at War 2”, a new presentation of a telematic performance by the Net vs. Net Collective, this time featuring two local and one remote performer. Fernando Lopez-Lezcano and Juan Pablo Cáceres at CCRMA with two analog synthesizers (including El Dinosaurio) and Alain Renaud in England with two more (previously performed during my stay at TU Berlin).

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  • CCRMA @ TU, Elektroakustische Musik hoeren, TU Berlin, May 22nd, 2008

    Net vs. Net Collective

    for Three Synthesizers, Three Locations, and One Acoustic Network of Four Channels.

    Performers: Net vs. Net, this time:

    This piece is a structured improvisation that explores a 3-ways synthetizer (2 real analog, one fake analog) extravaganza. On top of that, feedbacks and delays are explored network acoustic path, using a 4-channel Feedback Delay Network. This piece takes also inspiration in the original Lopez-Lezcano's "El dinosaurio habla", for analog synth and superlooper. We use Jacktrip, SuperCollider, a lot of analog and digital circuits, and The Network.

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