Users@Planet CCRMA
(The Linux Survival Guide)

Juan Reyes

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This guide takes the approach of a traveler's survival companion and its sole purpose is to illustrate, show and inform new CCRMA users and visitors about computer resources and the Linux environment and applications which might be helpful for doing scientific research and compositional work at CCRMA. It also briefly describes the meaning of Open Source as a part of the laboratory and community philosophy here at CCRMA. Following is a brief history of hardware at CCRMA and descriptions of Linux as an operating system, the Unix environment, useful shell commands and many X windows, Gnome and KDE applications. In the applications section there will be useful descriptions of programs and information provided by developers' documentation but do not discard some of the tricks and options as to our knowledge we present to the reader in some of these sections. If additional information is required in the case of a particular command, program or application, the reader is encouraged to look for more in-depth information on the Unix manual pages, on the web or in the links to home pages which are also provided here. Furthermore, there is some effort in several sections, to present solutions to common problems or challenges the system presents to the common user, beware of them.

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