Web Browsing

There are several Linux Web browsers each one wit its own very appealing features for browsing and file viewing. Most prominent candidates include Mozilla, Konqueror, Opera, and Netscape browsers. Out of curiosity you may want to know that can use any one of about 50 browsers in Linux, but of course many are experimental or immature. Alternatively you might want to be more conservative and choose Netscape which still available. No word about eXplorer in Linux.

All of the major browsers carry on exciting features that make browsing more pleasurable in ways only available to Linux and Unix users. For example, both Mozilla and Konqueror let you disable pop-up ads, and are smart on how they do it too. -The browser detects when the user clicks on a link that will open up in another window and allows that kind of action, while denying the ability of a web page to open its own window without user interaction.

Linux browsers pioneered true page scaling, allowing for the viewing of a web site as Small as a PDA screen up to resolutions so that a page can be comfortably read in a 1600x1200 pixel screen. This is a great feature in particular when you are projecting browser windows on a LCD projector.


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