Fink is a project that wants to bring more Unix software to Mac OS X, which results in two main goals:

  1. Porting software to Mac OS X. Meaning that the Fink project takes commodity Open Source Unix software and fixes whatever is necessary so that it will compile and run on Mac OS X.

  2. To make the results available to casual users. For this, the Fink people builds a distribution using package management tools like dpkg and apt-get ported from Linux and the Debian GNU/Linux project. The binary distribution uses the .deb package format.

These are the options you can use when using “fink” on OS X:

fink list
list all packages in database
fink install
install package “foo”
fink update-all
update all installed packages
fink info foo
more info about package foo
fink list "xemacs*"
list all packages that start with 'xemacs
fink help
list more fink options and help

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