After-a-Fedora-Linux Installation

For functionality and compatibility with other operating systems, after you have done a full Fedora Core installation some additional packages might be also considered. Most of these packages are available at every workstation in CCRMA but they don't come standard in Fedora Core distributions.

Most of these packages are found at Fedora Extras site.

and may be installed just by issuing the yum command like,

         yum install 'name-of-package'       

There should be an '/etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-extras.repo' file with Urls pointing to fedora-extras sites. If this is not the case YUM might have to be installed or re-installed as these files are part of the yum install package.

It might be useful to install the following packages (please consult PlanetCCRMA @ Home for more):

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