Preface to this Revision

This is a revision to the original “Users@PlanetCCRMA” page, result of a project to introduce CCRMA students, researchers, composers as well as interested people, part of the community or not. On this revision, features of previous editions are retained mainly for historical reasons, and for documentation. New and updated tricks and methods for current Linux Fedora workstations are part of these updates. Linux, being Unix for the masses, retains much of its model, thereby what has been learned before prevails and responds in similar ways. As with technology trends, most changes occur on hardware, therefore, new drivers and ways for accessing devices are always in need. In most respects main changes to this operating system are product of hardware and technological improvements. Furthermore, processors are speedier and available memory expands all the time, to the point that these are not a worries anymore. Linux being the quintessential development environment has projects coming out all the time, so new software and improvements to legacy applications are always happening. From musical or audio frameworks, paradigms remain the same, but in cases new methods and programs ease tasks, while permitting options not available years before. On this revision some of these changes are brought, in addition to a fresh new look at the interface, and updates to previous features. Well aware that after this guide was originally written, Wikis became the 'de facto' mode of documentation, at this time we still find that CCRMA's wiki complements this information and vice-versa. Since Linux continuously evolves, there is no option but to assert that this project remains a work in progress.

Fri Jun 17 03:15:54 PM PDT 2022

NOTES: This revision contains a tutorial and hands on approach to Snd audio editor which itself is an introduction to sound synthesis and signal processing, legacy topics at CCRMA for years.

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