Printing-labels: cdlabelgen

cdlabelgen , man page was designed to simplify the process of generating labels for CD's. It originated as a program to allow auto generation of front- cards and traycards for CD's burned via an automated mechanism (specif- ically for archiving data), but has now become popular for labelling CD compilations of mp3's, and copies of CDs. Note that cdlabelgen does not actually print anything–it just spits out postscript, which you can then do with as you please.

You can try to generate your label with:

       cdlabelgen -c "title of cd" \
                  -s "subtitle" \
                  -i "Piece 1%Piece 2%a third song%and more" \
                  -e recycle.eps >
Here is a more elaborate example which you can try in a terminal window (all the following options should go as a single line command or you might opt to put them in a script). Notice that the “%” character means a new line inside the “-i” option.

          cdlabelgen -c "John Chowning" \
              -s ""\
              -i " %  % 1- Turenas (1972) % %%\
               2- Phone (1981) % %%\
               3- Sabelithe (1971)% %%\
               4- Stria (1977) % %%\
              -e cd.eps >
Make sure you have right path for the file “cd.eps”. Once you have the file “” you can try to print it in one of the CCRMA printers and do the folding and unfolding for standard “Norelco” CD trays but first test your output with:

If you are satisfied with the aesthetics you can print on a standard letter size paper by issuing:


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