Stamping a CD with LATEX

Here is some LATEXcode which might be copied to a file for generating the actual CD-Label but you will need clear or white self adhesive CD-labels which are available at Arcal or Fry's. For LATEXinstructions go to the typesetting section ยง9.9.

        % funky manipulation of text. 
        %only useful for producing ps not pdf

        % extra pstricks pieces
        % allows \includegraphics 
        % most likely, we'll be using dvips for output
        % allows \so  (stretched-out)
        % set default pstricks unit to 1cm
        % don't do page numbers, etc
        % environment for actual content
        % The rest is compressed, because you can't have any 
        % blank lines. they will start a new paragraph 
        % which isn't something we want in the middle of
        % a picture..
        % A pstricks trick, to help produce the right 
        % bounding box for eps

        % pstricks pspicture environment. width/height/offset etc.

        % default font attributes

        % draw a little cross at the center (5,-5) (two straight lines)
        \qline(4.6,-5)(5.4,-5)\qline(5,-4.6)(5,-5.4) % mark center

        % the text "\so{CCRMA Open House}" drawn around in an arc.
        {\so{CCRMA Open House}}

        % put an .eps at (7.7, -7.7)

        % put some text (in a table, to get layout correct)
         Friday May 9, 2003 \\
         The Knoll, Stanford University \\

        % uncomment for cd border:


Make sure you have the right path the logo file “ccrma.eps”.

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