StarOffice The program can be started from the command line by typing "soffice". If it is the first time you are running StarOffice you will be prompted to configure it (to be able to run, soffice needs to copy some files to your home directory). Just follow the prompts, you might want to put the local directory in, for example, Library/, so that it does not clutter your home directory. After you are done with the configuration you should be able to start the program by typing “soffice”.

Staroffice is a huge program and rather slow to start, but quite complete. It has a decent word processor, spreadsheet, presentation editor, vector graphics editor and so on and so forth. It has some future because there's now an Open Source version (which at this point is not ready for everyday use), that means that you (hopefully) will not be locked into a proprietary document format.

For presentations in StarOffice follow the autopilot or the online help. You can start from templates also and to some extend you can import or export data to or from powerpoint.

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