In case of an out-of-the box alternative, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano has made available a PlanetCCRMAFedora-Core(N) Linux distribution DVD with many of the standard audio and Video applications and a lot more. In addition to the standard fedora disks, the planetCCRMA DVD contains a low-latency Linux kernel optimized for audio applications in real-time, RPM packages with many Computer Music applications as well as popular open source music packages all tied together and as a Linux workstation ready to go. For most situations no compilation and tedious configurations are needed for this Linux to be used by a computer music composer or musician. The sources for the planetCCRMA DVD are located at CCRMA-FTP.

Instead of using the standard Red Hat Fedora Core installation CDs or DVDs, you can use the PlanetCCRMA DVD in the very same fashion. Once you have your Linux partition boot your computer with the PlanetCCRMA DVD. Make sure you read the “README” and related documentation files after you have downloaded the sources for the DVD.

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