AVRLib on Wiring and Arduino

Wiring is an open project initiated by Hernando Barragan currently on development at la Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia. It consists of an IDE, a programming environment, and an electronics board with an AVR micro-controller for projects surrounding electronic arts, tangible media, teaching and learning computer programming or prototyping with electronics. It illustrates the concept of programming with electronics and the physical realm of hardware control which are necessary to explore physical interaction design and tangible media aspects.

Arduino, based on Wiring, is an open-source electronics platform also based on Atmel micro-controllers, providing easy-to-use hardware and software implementations. Arduino was born at the Ivrea Interaction Design Institute as an easy tool for fast prototyping, aimed at students without a background in electronics and programming.

Avrlib can also be used on Wiring and Arduino since both are based on Atmel AT-Mega chipsets. A tutorial with information and instructions can be found at AVRLIB on Wiring and Arduino.

There are tons of information on the subject matter of “Physical Interaction Design” (PID) at CCRMA on the PID Wiki. Recall PID is about the relationship between users, the devices they use, the tasks they accomplish, and people who receive this output. PID is used for new music controllers (NMC).

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