More about SND

Anything inside SND can be customized. New commands and configuration options can be added in much the same way that emacs or xemacs can be extended through its own built in lisp interpreter. You can have several of your own customization in the .snd file in your home directory.

Make sure to look and pay attention ! to the SND documentation for more illustrated and elaborate examples. We all encourage you to create your own “.snd” dot-snd file and place it in your home directory. The file examp.scm in the snd sources contains also many ways, explanations and of course examples on how to get around SND.

If you are used to Mac or Windoze “soundfile editors” or if you are somehow more curious about SND, Dave Phillips has published a good description, comparison and customization article about SND available online at:

Web Archive: Snd Part-ONE

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