Open-Office (OO)

OpenOffice This is the real open source version of SUN's Star Office which is periodically updated at CCRMA. In modern RedHat versions you can run OpenOffice from Gnome's footprint main menu under applications. You can also run OpenOffice by invoking the “openoffice” command. If you are running the program for the first time, it will query some questions in regards to its license and it will also create an directory in your home directory. is both an Open Source product and a project. The product is a multi-platform office productivity suite. It includes the key desktop applications, such as a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation manager, and drawing program, with a user interface and feature set similar to other office suites?. Sophisticated and flexible, also works transparently with a variety of file formats, including those of Microsoft Office.

StarDivision, the original author of the StarOffice suite of software, was founded in Germany in the mid-1980s. It was acquired by Sun Microsystems during the summer of 1999 and StarOffice 5.2 was released in June of 2000. Future versions of StarOffice software, beginning with 6.0, will be built using the source, APIs, file formats, and reference implementation.

The source code initially includes the technology which Sun Microsystems has been developing for the future versions of StarOffice(TM) software. The source is written in C++ and delivers language-neutral and scriptable functionality, including Java(TM) APIs. This source technology introduces the next-stage architecture, allowing use of the suite as separate applications or as embedded components in other applications. Numerous other features are also present including XML-based file formats and other resources.


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