Following is a list of all courses that have been taught at CCRMA.  For complete information on course offerings, please see the Stanford Bulletin ( for the current academic year.

For information on which courses have been taught in recent quarters, please visit the Course History page.


All CCRMA Courses

223T Computer Music Improvisation and Algorithmic Performance
236 Future Media : Media Archaeology
Music 120 Auditory Remapping of Bioinformatics
Music 128 Composition, Coding, and Performance with SLOrc
Music 150 Musical Acoustics
Music 151 Psychophysics and Cognitive Psychology for Musicians
Music 154 Composition and Performance of Music with Electronics (aka History of Electronic Music)
Music 155/255, Artstudio 139 Intermedia Workshop
Music 158 SoundWIRE Ensemble
Music 15N The Aesthetics of Data
Music 192A Foundations of Sound Recording Technology
Music 192B Advanced Sound Recording Technology
Music 192C Session Recording
Music 1A Music, Mind, and Human Behavior
Music 201 CCRMA Colloquium
Music 220A Fundamentals of Computer-Generated Sound
Music 220B Compositional Algorithms, Psychoacoustics, and Spatial Processing
Music 220C Research Seminar in Computer-Generated Music
Music 220D Musical Engagement
Music 222 Sound in Space
Music 223 Composition for Electronic Musicians
Music 250A Physical Interaction Design for Music
Music 250B Interactive Sound Art
Music 251 Psychophysics and Music Cognition
Music 253 Musical Information - An Introduction
Music 254 Applications of Musical Information: Query, Analysis, and Style Simulation
Music 255 Orchestration and Timbre Analysis
Music 256A Music, Computing, and Design I: Software Paradigms for Computer Music
Music 256B Music, Computing, and Design II: Mobile Music
Music 257
Music 318 Advanced Acoustics
Music 319 Research Seminar on Computational Models of Sound Perception
Music 320 Introduction to Digital Audio Signal Processing
Music 32N Sculpting with Sounds, Images, and Words
Music 351 Seminar In Music Perception and Cognition
Music 39A Music, Health, and Medicine
Music 420 Signal Processing Methods in Musical Acoustics
Music 420B Software for Sound Synthesis and Audio Effects
Music 421A Audio Applications of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)
Music 421b Projects in Spectral Audio Signal Processing
Music 422 Perceptual Audio Coding
Music 423 Graduate Seminar in Signal Processing Research
Music 424 Signal Processing Techniques for Digital Audio Effects