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  • About Me

     I just got new hosting and I'm waiting for dns to propagate… and in the meantime, composing a new "about me". Over the years, ccrma's been good to me, so I decided to link to this blog instead of creating a brand new one. My password still works from 2005. Thanks for that faith in me. 


    About Me:


  • bare machine to fedora 20 to jacktrip, compiled from svn src
     yum update
    yum groupinstall "Cinnamon Desktop"
  • absolute noon

    In Austin the sun rises at 7:28 every day this week because we're at the parahelion, the pointiest part in the earth's ellipse around the sun. the planet is moving slower this time of year. In three months, the sun will rise a minute earlier each day! In my home town in New Hampshire, it will change by two minutes each day!
  • This is my second blog post

    Let's see how it works. Subscribe? 
  • Does this blog really work?

     Trying to figure out if we should encourage people to use this blog feature. Does it look good? Is it worth it?
  • Tetrazzini

    The oldest book I can find on music theory is the Silappatikaram, written around the year 400 in Tamil.  I ordered a copy.  I'll let you know.

    What music theory books have inspired you?
  • Music In Virtual Worlds

  • Musical Sonification of virtual flight in ECHO::Canyon

     ECHO::Canyon v1.0 was premiered last week at the 4/25/2013 "Music & Games" concert @ccrma.  With amazing custom visuals, modeling and rigging by Chris Platz, this environment led us in a whole new direction for interactive musical sonification and procedural music with UDKOSC.

    The piece and entire concert are archived up on UStream thanks to Dave Kerr:  (ECHO::Canyon is the first piece of the stream).

    Here's a screen-grab of the player "Valkordia" character, floating out by the edge of the environment.

  • Texas Early Music Project

    I went to see a concert of women composers by the Texas Early Music Project with music by Barbara Strozzi, Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre, and Caterina Assandra among others.  Some of the pieces were arranged by director Daniel Johnson, who conducted as well. 

    There was lots of vocal music.  Some of the soloists: Meredith Ruduski, Stephanie Prewitt, and Gitanjali Mathur astounded me.  The ensemble will do an early music opera concert in September which I very much look forward to. 
  • Open questions

    composing is hard.