Booking Events

Student/Guest Concert Production

Here is a chronological ordering of steps you should take to prepare for a performance:

  1. All concerts must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance of first rehearsal. This gives us reasonable time to secure the room, and secure a tech person for the event and rehearsal time. Many concerts and events need to have CCRMA tech person in attendance.
  2. Go to:
  3. Enter your SuNet ID and password
  4. Click "Make a Request"
  5. Enter ALL pertinent info (this information goes directly to the Music Department staff since CCRMA concerts are also Music Department concerts)
  6. Go to or read the following pages.
  7. Request a CCRMA Booking Form from Sasha Leitman.  Fill it out and give it back to her.  (This will soon be an online form.)
  8. After Steps 5 & 7 have been reviewed you will receive notification of either approval or denial of request.
  9. If approved, a tech person will be assigned to your event.
  10. Please read the CCRMA Stage Guidelines found at: or on the following pages
  11. You are responsible for all clean up related to your event, including cables and any food you provide.

Additionally, it is possible to record your lab session or performance with prior notification.