Making a Concert Program

Build a page template that is 5.5"X8.5" with left/right margins of .69" and top/bottom margins of .59".

Page layout is right to left and format of 1,2,3,4.

Enter all of the program info in order.

When you go to print, choose options, under pages click "left pages, right pages, brochure", don't "print automatically inserted white pages", click ok

Then choose "properties".  the pages should be printed on letter as landscape, offsided-1.

Now you can print and check that everything is correct.  If you're pressed for time, you should get the program made from this hard copy.

To get a higher quality program, you should export to pdf and take the file to Kinkos. Your pagination will be lost, but then you have kinkos paginate.  They will want one day for a proof and then another to print.

There you have it!


These instructions work for those starting with Letter portrait pages and want to end up with an 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 booklet (i.e. Letter folded in half.)

  • Click the Page Preview button (blank page with magnifying glass) or select File then Page Preview
  • Click the Print Option Page View button (printer with a white i on a blue background)
  • The Print Options dialogue opens.
  • Make sure the settings say Rows: 1 Columns: 2 then change the Format to Landscape.
  • You should see the preview on the right hand side of the window change to a large grey landscape page split in two. Click OK.
  • Select File then Print... or press Command-P. If the print options dialog is not expanded, you have to click on the little triangle on the right hand side of the Printer menu to access the various settings.
  • Choose your printer specific options (including Duplex or Two-Sided printing if you have it).
  • From the drop-down menu which initially displays "Layout", choose "Booklet printing"
  • Select "Format Output As Booklet" (you have to have selected "Two-Sided" first, otherwise this option is greyed out);
  • Page Order should be "Pages Bound on the Left"
  • Select "Last Page is Back Cover"
  • Click "Preview". If it all looks good, you can either print this directly or save it as PDF to print somewhere else.