Portraits polychromes n°12 : Max Mathews

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Portraits polychromes n°12 : Max Mathews (102 p)

• Interview with Max V. Mathews, by Evelyne Gayou
• Max Mathews and the digital age, by Jean-Claude Risset
• Max Mathews at IRCAM, and afterwards, by Gerald Bennett
• Max and CCRMA, by Chris Chafe and John Chowning
• Max’s importance to the field of electroacoustic music, by Jon Appleton
• Lektrowsky’s Will (Science Fiction Short Story ), by Max Mathews
• Annotated Catalog of the writings of Max Mathews, by Marc Battier
• Annotated Catalog of the musical compositions, by Max Mathews

There is complementary reading to be found on the Internet site and analyses of extracts and works. www.ina-grm.com

Portraits polychromes
ISBN : 978-2-86938-206-0 Institut national de l’audiovisuel, 2007, second edition revised 2008
A co-production with CCRMA, Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford University
With the Support of the Division Culturelle de la SACEM
[French version : Portraits polychromes n°11 : Max Mathews (108 p) ISBN :978-2-86938-207-7]

About Portraits Polychromes

The collection Portraits Polychromes contains 15 books since 2001. All of them are short monographies of contemporary composers, some are in english. They are published by the Ina, Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, Paris, France

N° 1 Luc Ferrari, N° 2 Jean-Claude Risset, N° 3 Gilles Racot, N° 4 Bernard Parmegiani, N° 5 François Bayle, N° 7 John Chowning, N° 8 Michel Chion, N° 9 Jacques Lejeune, N° 10 Francis Dhomont, N° 11 Max Mathews (FR), N° 12 Max Mathews (EN), N° 13 Pierre Schaeffer (FR), N° 14 Pierre Schaeffer (EN), N° 15 Denis Smalley (EN)