Music 154

Course Title: 
Composition and Performance of Music with Electronics (aka History of Electronic Music)
Bruno Ruviaro (Spring 2011)
Course Description: 
What is electroacoustic music? How did it all begin? Acousmatic, computer music, algorithmic composition, tape music, glitch, electronic, musique concrète, noise, laptop music, DJing, organized sound... This course will provide a brief historical survey of electroacoustic music and discuss some of the most salient issues associated with it, from both a compositional and musicological point of view. Topics to be covered include: Definitions of musical sounds; Schaefferian theory and musique concrète; serialism and elektronische Musik; tape music and computer music in the USA; analysis of electroacoustic music; sampling and intellectual property; algorithmic and computer-aided composition; live-electronics and improvisation. The course does not require previous experience in the field. Classes will be based on discussion of selected listening and reading materials, as well as hands-on electroacoustic fun with sounds.
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Course Time: 
M 3:15-5:05
Knoll 217