Course Information

Class: MW 3:30-5:20pm
Labs: TBD
Location: CCRMA Classroom (the Knoll)
Prerequisite: prior programming experience

Creative design of computer music software. Programming, audiovisual design, as well as software design for musical tools, instruments, toys, and games. Provides paradigms and strategies for designing and building music software, with emphases on interactive systems, aesthetics, and artful product design. Course work includes several programming assignments and a "design+implement" final project. Prerequisite: experience in C/C++ and/or Java.

Course topics include:


There will be assignments every week until week 6 after which students will be able to focus on final projects. Assignments are due the following week on Wednesday before class. Students are allowed 4 late days throughout the quarter after which 15% per day will be removed to the grade of the related assignment.



Week 1




Starter/Example Codes

Final Presentation

December 7 at 3:30pm

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