Music 222

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Sound in Space
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Spring 2012-2013:

Historical background, theory and techniques on the use of space in music composition and diffusion. Listening and analysis of relevant pieces in our 3D Listening Room and Stage small concert hall spaces. Experimental hands-on work in spatialization techniques leading to a piece or short study to be diffused in concert at the end of the quarter. Examples in various computer music languages will be discussed during the course.

In addition to the Listening Room 3D space (22.4 3D audio system) and the Stage (16.8 3D audio system), Studio D and E will also be available for class work with 8.1 systems. The Recording Studio can also be used with a more specialized (but limited) 5.1 audio setup.

The quarter will include a shared presentation and evening concert for selected pieces in the Studio at Bing Concert Hall. Presentations and concert with be shared with 220c - Research Seminar in Computer Generated Music and 223M - Sound, Music and Machines. The Bing Studio will be rigged with our full 3D 24.6 large scale difussion system (as used in the 2012 edition of Transitions and the Bada Bing Bada Boom Festival at the Bing Concert Hall). This will be a full day event on May 28th 2013. We will also have the Studio available on Tuesday May 21st (one week before) for testing, listening and experimentation during the regular 222 class time slot.

Because of the very tight schedule leading up to the May 28th presentation, students are strongly encouraged to have a piece or project plan in place on the first day of the class. Please contact me with any questions (Fernando Lopez-Lezcano,

Topics to be explored in lectures include:
  • Auditory cues and perception basics
  • Microphone techniques
  • Amplitude panning and VBAP
  • Sound field synthesis: Ambisonics
  • Sound field synthesis: Wave Field Synthesis
  • HRTF and binaural rendering
  • Acousmatique diffusion
  • Reverberation and virtual rooms
  • Installations, sound and space
  • Large scale multichannel diffusion systems, challenges and solutions
  • Listening and analysis of pieces by Berger, Chowning, Koenig, Lopez-Lezcano, Pampin, Parmerud, Pink Floyd, Saunders, Tutshku, Varese and many others.
This course is now offered every two years. The next installment will take place during the Spring 2013 quarter (04/01/2013 to 06/05/2013)

The course materials will be hosted in this web page. If you are a student please click on the 2013 edition of the course and enroll...

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TuTh 1:15PM - 3:05PM
Knoll 317