Software packages developed at CCRMA are available for free download from their webpages or via anonymous FTP.

Planet CCRMA at Home: a collection of software packages for Fedora and CentOS Linux that includes most of the environment for sound, midi and music that we use at CCRMA. Easily installed and upgraded through yum.

Active projects:

Common Lisp Music signal processing language
Common Music Notation music engraving language
Common Music algorithmic composition language
snd audio editor
sndlib audio libraries
STK C++ signal processing toolkit
ChucK audio programming language
FAUST Signal processing in the FAUST language
Openmixer, routing mixer for multichannel studios

Old projects:

MusicKit 4.2 NeXT music and audio environment
    The new MusicKit page at SourceForge
mi_d MIDI driver (old version)
    The new mi_d page at SourceForge
SynthBuilder graphical synthesis environment
PadMaster improvisation environment