Research Group

Sound in Space

Research into spatialization and diffusion of sound from the perspectives of technology, music composition and performance

Music in Virtual Worlds (MvW)

Research into modes and methodologies for creating and controlling music in, by and through virtual environments.

The Music in Virtual Worlds (MvW) research group focuses on the intersections between musical performance/composition and the use of virtual environments as controlling and performative spaces. 

Recent research and performance projects include

Play Your Phone! at the 2010 MiTo Festival, two evenings of performances featuring two new Mixed Reality works built in UDKOSC for piano and virtual performer.  Tele-harmonium by Robert Hamilton and Perkussionista by Juan-Pablo Caceres.

Art direction for both works by Chris Platz and piano by Chryssie Nanou.



MiTo 2010:


2009 MiTo Festival:

  una serata in sirikata: +





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