Music, Computing, and Design (M:C:D)

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The Music, Computing, and Design (MCD) research group, led by faculty member Ge Wang, conducts fun, innovative, and impact-producing research in computer music, including in (but not exclusive to) the following areas:

  • design of software systems for computer music (of all types and scales)
  • programming languages and interactive environments (e.g., ChucK)
  • the social, cognitive, human aspects of music and computing
  • software interfaces / interaction paradigms for composition, performance, and education
  • music information retrieval
  • computer-mediated performance ensembles (e.g., laptop orchestras; SLOrk)
  • mobile music / social music (e.g., mobile phone orchestras, MoPhO, also see Smule)
  • performances paradigms (e.g., live coding)
  • education at the intersection of computer scence and music
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