2015 Spring Quarter Courses

Music 32N Sculpting with Sounds, Images, and Words
Music 123/223
Undergraduate Seminar in Composition/Composition for Electronic Musicians
Music 128
Composing, Coding, and Performance with SLOrk
ArtsInst 150 The Changing World of Popular Music
Music 192C Session Recording
Music 220C Research Seminar in Computer-Generated Music
Music 220D Research in Computer-Generated Music
Music 222 Sound in Space
Music 251 Psychophysics and Music Cognition
Music 254 Music Query, Analysis, and Style Simulation (CS275B)
Music 257 Neuroplasticity and Musical Gaming
Music 264
Musical Engagement
Music 318 Advanced Acoustics
Music 319 Research Seminar on Computational Models of Sound Perception
Music 421A Audio Applications of the Fast Fourier Transform
Music 424 Signal Processing Techniques for Digital Audio Effects