Approximating Measured Reverberation Using A Hybrid Fixed/Switched Convolution Structure

TitleApproximating Measured Reverberation Using A Hybrid Fixed/Switched Convolution Structure
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsLee, K. S., N. Bryan, and J. S. Abel
Conference NameProc. 13th Int. Conf. Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-10)
Date Published09/2010
Conference LocationGraz, Austria
Keywordsartificial reverberator
An efficient reverberator structure is proposed for approximatingmeasured reverberation. A fixed convolution matching the early portion of a measured impulse response is crossfaded with a switched convolution reverberator drawing its switched convolution section from the late-field of the measured impulse response. In this way, the early portion of the measured impulse response is precisely reproduced, and the late-field equalization and decay rates efficiently approximated. To use segments of the measured impulse response, the switched convolution structure is modified to include a normalization filter to account for the decay of the late-field between the nominal fixed/switched crossfade time and the time of the selected segment. Further, the measured impulse response late-field is extended below its noise floor in anticipation of the normalization. This structure provides psychoacoustically accurate synthesis of the measured impulse response using less than half a second of convolution, irrespective of the length of the measured impulse response. In addition, the structure provides direct control over the equalization and late-field frequency dependent decay rate. Emulations of EMT 140 plate reverberator and marble lobby impulse responses are presented.
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