Tomato Quintet at the SJ01 Festival

This Sunday, from 1 PM to 2:30 PM, Chris Chafe, Curtis Tamm, Sasha Leitman, John Granzow and Greg Niemeyer are performing a live version of Tomato Quintet as a part of the spectacular SJ01 Festival. 

Tomato Quintet is a musification of the ripening process of Tomatoes, which we record with air quality sensors. The process is, biochemically speaking, very dramatic, and some of the drama translates into our data-driven music. In San Jose, we present the music as a five-channel installation which reflects the main protagonists in ripening, Ethylene, fresh air, CO2, light, vibrations and of course the tomatoes. 

On Sunday, the ripe tomatoes will face a ghastly fate as we chop them up in a live concert and serve them as salsa for a tasty taco with beans, salad and fine cheese. 

Our presentation will be in South Hall, a rather bizarre and huge venue now featuring a drive-in theater, a landing strip for winged humans, a shoe repair store and a swamp. 

The show was curated by Steve Dietz and Jaime Austin, and our installation was sponsored by Swissnex San Francisco. 

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