Book Review: "The Science of Sound Recording" by Jay Kadis, in Sound on Sound Magazine

The Science of Sound Recording by Jay Kadis

October, 2012, Hugh Robjohns, Sound on Sound Magazine

It’s a sad but true fact that most ‘sound engineers’ actually struggle with some of the technical and mathematical aspects that underpin audio engineering. Jay Kadis’ new book, The Science of Sound Recording (Focal Press, ISBN 978-0-240-82154-2), aims to help overcome those difficulties with clear, well-written explanations of a wide range of technical subjects related to sound recording. Its A5 size and 200-ish page count makes this quite an approachable work and, while it employs A-level/degree-level maths occasionally — but only where necessary to explain a point — it also explains the necessary maths theory in Chapter One, for those who have forgotten, become rusty, or never knew! Read More...
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