Special workshop (M39A): Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method and Awareness Through Movement

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 1:15pm - 3:05pm
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Guest Lecture
How should we approach to effective/pain-less/creative music practice and education? What should be studied in medical science research?

Music 39A (Seminar in Music, Health, and Medicine) invites Marcia Scott, who is a dancer, singer, and certified Feldenkrais practitioner, to give us a special workshop and seminar about Feldenkrais methods to improve our sensory processing and motor repertoire. Come experience her group session and join our discussion.

Guest lecturer: Marcia Scott

Biography: At UCSD Marcia Scott studied music (voice and composition) and dance. Just after receiving her B.A. in music composition, Marcia injured her hip while dancing. She spent the next five years seeing different doctors and trying different therapies and treatments: some of these helped more than others, but none restored her full strength and mobility—and she continued to re-injur her hip. In 2006 Marcia began taking Feldenkrais classes with Augusta Moore at the ODC School of Dance in San Francisco. In these classes she began to unwind years of movement patterns that created chronic inflammation, tension, and pain, discovering her bones and re-learning how to move with ease and pleasure in the process. A year later she joined the ISSE (Institute for the Study of Somatic Education) Feldenkrais Method Teacher Practitioner program in San Francisco to develop her understanding of how we move and how we attend to ourselves, and to learn how to share these practices with others. Marcia has been active as a practitioner since graduating from her training in 2011, working with a wide range of people, from infants to performing artists to seniors. With composer and Stanford instructor Erik Ulman she directs the arts organization Poto, organizing ten annual festivals in Grass Valley since 2004; she is also continuing her Feldenkrais research as a coordinator for Dennis Leri's Semiophysics training in San Rafael.
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