Special Seminar on Faust

Thu, 02/24/2011 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm
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DSP Seminar
You are invited attend a special seminar given by Yann Orlarey from GRAME (http://www.grame.fr/) and Romain Michon, CCRMA Visiting Researcher, on the Faust programming language. 
Towards Faust 2

The Faust programming language proposes an abstract, purely functional approach to signal processing. Its semantics is based on a clean and sound framework that enables mathematical correctness proofs for Faust applications to be performed, while offering a high level of performance. Faust provides a viable alternative to C/C++ for the development of efficient signal processing libraries, audio plug-ins or standalone applications.

The current version of Faust is based on mono-rate scalar signal processors; this is a serious limitation when specifying spectral-based sound manipulation algorithms (such as FFT) or extending the language applicability outside the music domain, for instance for video processing.

The talk will be the opportunity to introduce the multi-rates/multi-dimensions extension of Faust currently under development in the framework of the ANR/ASTREE project. This extension tries to be minimal. It is based on only 4 new operations with a key principle: data rate changes are intertwined with vector data structure manipulation operations.
The Faust Synthesis Tool Kit
The Faust Synthesis Tool Kit is a set of synthesizers written in the Faust programming language and mostly based on the instruments from the STK. It provides a number of physical models using waveguide or modal synthesis. Thanks to the different Faust architectures, the high efficient C++ generated codes can be compiled into audio plug-ins or standalone applications compatible with a great number of platforms.  
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