Phaedon Sinis - Microtones, Makam and Modulation: A Framework for Understanding Middle Eastern Music

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
CCRMA Classroom (2nd floor)
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Guest Lecture
 A first exposure to Middle Eastern music can be a confusing experience. For the uninitiated listener, the absence of harmonic cues and unfamiliar rhythmic cycles makes the melodic structure difficult to discern. And the microtonal nature of the music, especially through the filter of an archival recording, may sound dissonant or worse, sloppy and out-of-tune. 
With the help of live instruments and archival recordings, Phaedon Sinis will give a gentle introduction to the building blocks of Middle Eastern music with the goals of demystifying the music, emphasizing the importance of modulation and giving the listener a context to appreciate further explore this highly intricate and refined modal system. 
The talk will conclude in a collective performance of a Turkish drinking song with two easy microtones, so attendees are encouraged to bring their voices and unfretted instruments.

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For more on Phaedon Sinis, check out his website: 

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