Peter Nyboer - Live Video Performance with Livid Instruments

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 5:15pm - 7:05pm
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Guest Lecture
Modulations video artist and Livid Instruments co-founder, Peter Nyboer talks about specific techniques used at Modulations 2011, as well as presenting techniques and technologies for live video.  He'll  present a survey of live video environments, demonstrate using controllers with video, and show Max for Live devices that tie together Ableton Live and CellDNA.  He'll have a collection of Livid controllers, and present their DIY controller hardware framework.

Bio: Though I'd like to be described as a raconteur, a bon-vivant, or even a nomme-de-guerre, I'll content myself by having largely avoided a life described by French pejoratives. Dressed simply and comfortably, I have pursued the satisfaction of trying to bring music and video to life through software. Math and physics were degreed at UC Santa Cruz, but their workings were made explicit in the electronic music studio, and I have been entranced ever since. I was introduced to Max/MSP and "physical computing" as a way of re-imagining music, and the my clumsy attempts at guitar were quickly supplanted by the worlds of digital and analogue signal processing.  I have created a variety of interfaces for audio and video, first trying out a solo software project for realtime video as YOW*, the first commercial quicktime video mixer. I worked with Naut Humon at Sound Traffic Control and Recombinant Media Labs in San Francisco, which was pretty much the greatest incubator of out-there music expression, with multiple audio channels and video screens. We had to figure out ways to make it all sync up, and be "performable," and in some ways, Livid software is a product of those challenges and problems that are still looking for a solution.  When I'm not obsessing about software architecture, user interaction, or a new video effect, I like to play some basketball, take a trip in the pop-up, fix up a bike, roast some meats, make a cocktail, and grow some veggies in the yard.

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